Q: What Are your requirements to lease a vehicle?

You need to be over 18 years old, live in the UK for at lease three years and you need to be on the electoral register. If the lease is for a Business one of your directors or the owner needs to be based in the UK

Q: Who supplies the cars you lease?

All vehicles we supply come from franchised dealers and they all come with a full UK manufacturer’s warranty

Q How long can I lease the vehicle for?

The minimum term is 24 months ranging to 5 years

Is Car insurance included in the lease?

Car insurance is not included in our contracts; however, we do have a division within our group that does offer extremely competitive rates for both business and personal users

Can Maintenance costs be included in the lease?

Yes, they can.  The optional maintenance contract covers all the servicing, repairs due to wear and tear.  We would be delighted to quote this option for you which can also include the costs for tyres as well.

Q Is the road Fund licence included in the contract?

Yes, we include road tax on all our personal and business contract hire contracts. On Lease purchase and contract purchase the road fund licence is only included for the first year

Q Roadside assistance / Breakdown recovery included?

Yes, all vehicles are supplied with roadside assistance

Q What is the initial payment?

Normally the initial payment is equivalent to three months rental.  You can however make a larger initial payment which will reduce your rentals

Q Will you deliver my new car?

We certainly will.  Delivery is completely free of charge anywhere within the UK

Q What happens If I go over the mileage allowance?

If you exceed your mileage allowance you will receive an excess mileage charge for each mile that you go over the amount that is stated in your contract.

Can I increase my Mileage allowance in the contract?

The mileage allowance is agreed at the beginning of the contract.  If there is a change in your circumstances and you need to amend this, we can do this, but it will be a change to the payments

Q Where do I have to take the vehicle or servicing or repairs?

We recommend that you use a main dealer where possible or take to a reputable garage

Q can I return the vehicle early?

Yes, this is possible, but you will have to pay an early termination fee

Q Can I buy my car/ Van at the end of contract?

You may be able to purchase the vehicle at the end of contract depending what type of contract you are on.  The finance house will set the sale price based on the current mileage and price accordingly

Q At the end of lease what happens?

It depends what type of contract you have, but you can ask to extend the vehicle or hand the vehicle back and start a new lease.  When the vehicle is collected it will be assessed for fair wear and tear.  Any damage needing repair will incur a charge.